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Current Projects

Just a little something about what I'm currently working on.

#NYMADE – Web Series

20th November 2014 by admin

Currently in Post production.

Madison Square Garden Network.
New York Knicks.

The Passion – Short Film

10th October 2014 by admin

Currently in post production.

Starring: Daniel Henshall
Laura Scrivano
Producer: Jess Cohen
Cine: Ross Giardina
Editor: Josh Rathmell

Release: 2015

Good Ol’ Boy – Feature Film

10th September 2014 by admin

Picture┬áis now locked on my first feature ‘Good Ol’ Boy‘, starring Jason Lee, Anjul Nigam and Brighton Sharbino. The film follows ‘Smith’, a 10 year old Indian boy, growing up in 1970s America.

Director: Franco Lotito
Editor: Josh Rathmell

Release: 2015